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QCTS – Quality, Compliance & Translation Services - is a Brazilian company founded by experienced management systems specialists in 2014 and designed to help its clients  achieving ISO accreditations and certifications with the help of experienced and open minded staff that will always try an extra help to make the client happier and less worried about systems and audits because yes, QCTS teaches openly about Management Systems to its clients, aiming them to fly away whenever the system starts working automatically as a culture. 


We have clients in worldwide, including North American, European and Chinese companies.
Better developing the Chinese market in Brazil is a priority for us as the amount of businesses with Brazil is substantial and we aim helping the chinese companies to establish certificated/accreditated branches in with Brazil by providing them besides consultany, auditing and/or training on ISO standards, the relevant technical translations and language/regulatory adaptations whenever they are needed.


Yes,  QCTS also performs free technical translations of normative-corporative content (especially english-portuguese, portuguese-english and other languages under request), so it basically means that QCTS can provide bilingual services for these consultancy, auditing and training as well, helping your company to achieve better results with no language /culture barriers! 





  • We value and aim: 
  • High level of transparency before clients; 
  • Honesty from all parties; 
  • Special attention to accomplish with the set dates before the client; 
  • Respect for the client´s culture; 
  • Easy going flexible relations with the clients and 
  • Quality above quantity. 



Our target is to provide organizations with the perception that Management Systems  “are there to help and everything on it can be improved” and they not supposed to be feared, avoided or seen as a bureaucratic threat for the sake of daily tasks and its results (especially if the results are already good!).  


QCTS aims organizations to earn money based on reliability that the ISO accreditation and certification assigns within the market, avoiding for instance double work, task misconceptions, lack of work traceability and lack of ​​​ work traceability and lack of security and document integrity. 



*Some standards which QCTS provides consultancy, auditing and/or training services:


  • ISO 9001

Management Systems – Requirements/


  • ISO 14001

Environmental Management Systems – Requirements with guidance for use/


  • ISO/IEC 17025

General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories


  • ISO 19011

Guidelines for auditing management systems/



Aline Savarese (苏莉) started her activities within management systems in 2001, in Brazil, São Paulo.

She has worked in the following Industries ever since: Luxury products; Automotive (laboratory tests); Mental Health (International experience in Australia) and Textile Industry (laboratory tests).

Aline founded QCTS in 2014 with a spirit of entrepreneurship and determination resulting in numerous recommendations of QCTS until the end of 2016, when Aline decided to initiate the expansion of QCTS by prospecting clients.

Our Founder's goal is that quality can be seen as something desired and natural within organizations.


Our Founder studies Mandarin, participates in several courses per year in addition to numerous lectures and meetings related innovation, artificial intelligence and sustainability.

Aline love the culture of people. She is motorcyclist and a self-taught person. 


Our Founder has a degree in Quality Management Systems  at Universidade Estácio de Sá - 2010 (Brazil, São Paulo), a technical course in International Business at Kaplan International Colleges - 2011 (Australia, Sydney) and Post Graduation in Computational Forensics at  University Impacta de Tecnologia (FIT) - 2014 (Brazil, São Paulo).


Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alinesavarese


  • ISO 45001

Occupational health and safety management systems — Requirements with guidance for use;


  • ISO 31000

Risk management- Principles and guidelines;


  • ISO/IEC 17065

Conformity assessment – Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services;


  • ISO/IEC 17020

Conformity assessment – Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection.


*We can assist with other standards not mentioned here as well. 




Did you know that the Brazilian National Standardization body (CGCRE) is signatorie of: IAAC - Inter American Accreditation Cooperation, ILAC - International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation, IAF - International Accreditation Forum - MLA - Multi Lateral Recognition Agreement and ILAC - signed and recognized by many countries?


Many international barriers can be broken by simply saying:  

-I have an ISO accreditation/certification!  


Your potential client will know (without asking) that you have the minimum requirements which the ISO standards prescribes and will also know that you are real, due to the fact companies must work legally to be audited by a third party body.




Are you in doubt on how to bring your business to Brazil?


QCTS has trusted partners to help you with it including, but not limited to the following options:


  • Market-Entry;
  • Business;
  • Legal Advisory Professional;
  • Logistics.


All QCTS partners have proficiency in English as well as in many other languages besides sharing the respect and flexibility of understanding other cultures and contexts!


Please use the box below to provide QCTS partners with the relevant information of your business:







QCTS and QCTS´s partners can help your company achieving goals in Brazil

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